Arkansas’ Private Option Architect Hopes To Revive The State’s Failed ObamaCare Medicaid Experiment


Earlier this session, Arkansas lawmakers took an important first step in rolling back its disastrous Obamacare expansion. The legislature passed Act 46, which requires the Arkansas Department of Human Services to eliminate the Obamacare expansion by December 31, 2016. But a new bill proposed by one of the chief legislative architects of the failed Private Option experiment would reverse that progress and cement Obamacare into state law forever.

New Plan Would Keep Obamacare Expansion Forever

State Senator David Sanders has a new plan to keep his failed Obamacare expansion in Arkansas forever. His plan, cosponsored by Senator Jason Rapert and Representative Charlie Collins, would give state bureaucrats blanket authority to apply for virtually any waivers or state plan amendments they wish.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Insurance Commissioner, the Department of Finance and Administration, and the state’s Obamacare exchange board would be able to apply for any waivers under Section 1115 or Section 1915 of the Social Security Act, as well as under Section 1332 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.