Joe Horvath

Senior Fellow

When some organizations succeed, you see an impact on a state budget. When FGA succeeds, you see an impact on people.

Joe Horvath is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability, where he focuses on unemployment insurance reform and transparency for students.

Prior to joining FGA, Joe served as director of legislative outreach for the Yankee Institute. He also previously served as a public policy research analyst for the American Legislative Exchange Council. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Religious Studies and Philosophy from Sacred Heart University, and a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctor degree from Western New England University.

Joe first experienced the value of work as a gas station attendant in high school and college, and his experience and watching his nieces and nephews grow up is what motivates him to help others. Joe views work as a way for people to provide for themselves and their loved ones, develop skills and talents, and create opportunities for others—few things in life can fulfill people so thoroughly. He has testified before Connecticut’s legislature, and his work has been featured on National Review Online and in prominent Connecticut newspapers, among other media outlets. He has also appeared on several local radio shows.

A fan of Notre Dame Football, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Washington Redskins, Joe lives in Ellington, Connecticut.