Greg George

Senior Research Fellow

FGA understands that incremental change can have an exponential impact on people across the country. All or nothing solutions rarely change lives, but FGA understands the importance of moving towards better policy as opposed to remaining stagnant.

Greg George was a senior research fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability, where he focused on reforms to fix the country’s broken federal disability system and remove barriers to work.

Prior to joining FGA, Greg served as policy advisor for the Michigan House of Representatives and as legislative director for the Michigan Speaker Pro Tempore. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Hillsdale College and a Master of Business Administration from Western Michigan University.

Greg first experienced the value of work while working at a golf range. Throughout his career, Greg has learned that work is good for the soul: it brings value, humility, and confidence to our lives. His passion for work’s ability to challenge us is the foundation for his research.

A passionate learner and fan of all things golf and the Michigan State Spartans, Greg currently resides in Lansing, Michigan with his wife.

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