Nicholas Horton

Research Director

Poverty is avoidable for most individuals, but all too often, government programs trap individuals in dependency. Similarly, too many government programs leave the door open to welfare fraud, allowing able-bodied individuals to steal resources away from truly needy people. FGA’s mission gives me the opportunity to find solutions to these problems in a real and meaningful way.

Nic Horton is the research director at the Foundation for Government Accountability, where he focuses on welfare reform and Medicaid expansion.

Prior to joining FGA, Nic served as editor of and policy analyst for the Advance Arkansas Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Harding University.

Nic first experienced the value of work while mowing lawns. Believing that work is the only true solution to poverty, Nic works diligently to expand opportunities for individuals to climb the economic ladder and improve their lives. Nic has provided policy analysis, legislative testimony, and policy briefings on Medicaid expansion and welfare reform in 19 states and D.C. His commentary has been featured in Forbes, The Hill, and National Review Online, and he is a frequent guest on talk radio across the country.

When he’s not volunteering or spending time with his son, Nic enjoys writing and gardening. A fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, Nic and his family live in Arkansas.

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