Donlyn Turnbull

Production Director

Donlyn Turnbull is the Production Director for the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Before joining FGA, Donlyn made her way through the ranks of conservative media as a political writer and commentator and also served as Director of New Media and official MC for Tea Party Express.

She’s an accomplished journalist and online entrepreneur, having created and administered several successful conservative websites focused on culture and winning the war of ideas. She also formerly hosted The Donlyn Show on FTR Radio and her work as a groundbreaking blogger was highlighted by her appearance with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV.

Her personal experiences underscore her commitment to freeing Americans from the devastating grip of government dependence. Her desire to empower those down on their luck drives her work here at FGA.

Her writings and commentary can be found at several leading national outlets, including, but not limited to: The Daily Caller, Breitbart, and Washington Times online.