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Audrey Perry Martin

Visiting Fellow

I am excited to be a part of a results-oriented organization like FGA. It is energizing to be working on issues to improve the everyday lives of Americans in a commonsense way.

About Audrey

Audrey Perry Martin is a Visiting Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability.

She is a Partner at the Gober Group and has worked for Congress, on several presidential campaigns, and at the Federal Election Commission. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Journalism from Brigham Young University and a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law Center.

Audrey first experienced the value of work while working on her grandparents’ farm. Her family and upbringing instilled in her great satisfaction in a job well done, as well as joy at recognizing potential through hard work. Audrey has been featured on Fox News, NPR, Sky News, and several other local and international radio and television stations. She’s also been published in The Daily Signal, The Daily Caller, and Daily Journal.

When she’s not working, Audrey loves to do just about anything with her husband and three daughters. She lives near Sacramento, California.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

By partnering with FGA through a gift, you can create more policy change that returns America to a country where entrepreneurship thrives, personal responsibility is rewarded, and paychecks replace welfare checks.