Bryan Sunderland

State Government Affairs Director

FGA promotes policies that help foster meaning and purpose through work and the freedom for every individual to pursue his or her own version of the American dream.

Bryan Sunderland is a state government affairs director at the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Prior to joining FGA, Bryan was deputy chief of staff for Governor Matt Bevin, serving as both policy director and legislative affairs director. He also served as senior vice president of public affairs at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, leading the policy, lobbying, and communications functions of the organization. He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Kentucky and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern Indiana.

Bryan first experienced the value of work delivering newspapers at the age of 12 and helping out at his father’s grocery store at a very young age. To him, work in a free society provides the ability for individuals to overcome any obstacles that may appear to stand in the way of one’s dreams. Bryan has testified in front of several state House and Senate committees in Kentucky, and his commentary has been featured in Chamber of Commerce newsletters, local papers, and in interviews on Kentucky radio and television stations, including Kentucky Educational Television, Kentucky’s PBS affiliate.

Outside of work, Bryan serves on the Board of Trustees for the University of Kentucky and is passionate about spending time enjoying family activities, attending church, and playing the occasional round of golf. A fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, Bryan lives with his wife and their children in Louisville, Kentucky.