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With Ranked-Choice Voting, Every Vote Doesn’t Count

Ranked-choice voting is being increasingly promoted by special interests and activists on the Left. But it consistently overpromises and underdelivers, and voters are the ones who suffer the consequences. 

Traditionally, we head to the polls to vote for the candidates we support—one person, one vote. And we expect each one to be counted fairly. But with ranked-choice voting, voters are expected to rank all candidates on a ballot—and numerous rounds of tabulating are conducted with ballots being discarded as each round progresses. 

Yes, discarded

Madeline Malisa, senior fellow at FGA, recently joined the Rod Arquette Show to discuss the many problems with ranked-choice voting. 

Ranked-choice voting is a disaster,” said Madeline. “Americans win when their votes count. And under our traditional one-person, one-vote system, every valid ballot counts. And I think we should keep it that way. But ranked-choice voting threatens that very principle.” 

The interview covers the major issues with ranked-choice voting—namely, that every vote does not count; it diminishes voter confidence; and it gets in the way of fast and accurate ballot counting. Madeline points to examples from Maine, California, and Alaska showing that the only thing ranked-choice voting ensures is that thousands of votes will end up in the trash. 

Listen to the interview in full here!

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