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President Biden’s Economy: What People Are Saying

President Biden’s plan was to “build back better” but more and more Americans are seeing he has instead built an economy on the shaky foundations of expanded welfare programs and outlandish spending.

The consequences are American businesses languishing under a historic labor shortage, and skyrocketing inflation. States that have encouraged people to return to work, however, are reaping the benefits with growing economies and rebounding businesses.

Here’s a roundup of some of our latest editorials discussing President Biden’s economy and the consequences of policies that discourage work…

Real Clear Politics: Biden Saved Us 16 Cents—While Harming Small Businesses

“Americans feel the effects of poor economic policies every time they go to the grocery store, fill up their gas tank, or see their favorite local business shuttered because it can’t find employees. They know better than to feel optimistic over a tone-deaf tweet that reveals little more than how much the White House misunderstands the struggles of the average American family.”

Washington Examiner: BidenStamps are driving workers home and prices up

“…What many Americans and political leaders missed is that the unemployment bonus, which has since expired, has not been the only cause of the worker shortage or more recent inflation.

BidenStamps, the Biden administration’s permanent, 25% unilateral increase in food stamp benefits, continues to drive both. And, unlike the unemployment bonus, BidenStamps is just getting started.”

USA Today: My family of six gets a hefty monthly child tax credit check—and that’s a problem

“The fifth check is probably in the mail, or it will be soon. It’ll be the same as the last four—$804. We’re receiving the new child tax credit created by President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats in March, which they’re now trying to extend through at least next year in their multi-trillion-dollar spending bill. But it would be better for us, and America, if these checks stopped.”

Townhall: Inflation is this Thanksgiving’s unwelcome guest

“These price increases add up at the checkout counter. And as Americans are left gaping at the stunning grand total on their grocery store receipts the week of Thanksgiving—and every weekly grocery bill thereafter—they can thank the president and his policies, which have only made the situation worse.”

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