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Medicaid Map: How Many People Are Enrolled in Medicaid in YOUR State?

Our country is rapidly approaching 100 million Americans enrolled in Medicaid. It’s less than three months away! 

100 million. That is nearly one-third of the population of the United States. 

As we approach this concerning milestone, FGA launched a map and countdown clock to track enrollment data in each state. Check it out:

 Why is enrollment so high?

Several reasons, and all of them are bad news for the future of this program. 

Since the passage of ObamaCare, states have been bribed into expanding Medicaid to able-bodied adults using bad data and lofty promises, with actual enrollment surging past expectations again and again

When states attempt to protect their program and resources for the truly needy, like through work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents, the Biden administration has intervened

By February 2020, enrollment was at an alarming 74 million, more than doubling over two decades.

Medicaid enrollment growth has been a steady burn for more than a generation, and the COVID-19 pandemic came and poured gasoline on the flames—and we can thank the federal government’s response for that. 

Due to the ongoing extension of the public health emergency, states have long been locked in “Medicaid handcuffs” that prevent them from removing ineligible people from their programs. This has led to an additional 24 million enrollees, more than 21 million of whom would previously not have qualified because they earn too much money or are otherwise ineligible. 

With the passage of the recent omnibus in December 2022, states will fortunately be able to begin removing these ineligible enrollees starting this spring. Unfortunately, this slow walk toward removing the Medicaid handcuffs means that our country is still on track to reach 100 million enrollees. States should begin doing all they can to prepare to roll back this disaster and reclaim program integrity.  

Click here to see your state’s enrollment numbers. 

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