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In the News: Education, RCV, Medicaid, and Soros-Backed DAs

Transparency and accountability. 

These are two qualities we believe government needs more of—in education, elections, welfare, and the justice system. 

When we don’t have those two qualities in great supply, parents are shut out of educating their kids. Schemes like ranked-choice voting threaten the integrity of the ballot. Crime increases. And welfare benefits are abused at the expense of the truly needy. 

Our latest research further uncovers the importance of transparency and accountability in these policy areas, and how increasing both can help Americans freely pursue the American Dream.   

Here’s what people are saying about our research and reforms… 

The Missouri Times: Education bill would prioritize learning and involve parents

“…we need to reorient our focus on preparing students for the future, not infusing lessons with politically trendy ideologies or shutting out parents. There’s a package of legislation working its way through the Missouri General Assembly that would help prioritize learning over activism in the classroom, involve parents, and promote transparency.”   

New York Post: NYC shows states why ranked-choice voting is a liberal disaster

“The liberal ideas that start in New York City don’t stop there — even when they should.

The latest proof is so-called ‘ranked-choice voting.’ The Big Apple forced this undemocratic system on its residents in 2021, with painful consequences. Yet rather than learn from New York City and the handful of states with similar problems, liberal activists are demanding that every state implement this foolish idea.”

Breitbart: Report: Biden administration allowing Medicaid funds to pay for groceries

“Meanwhile, the government’s Medicaid program rolls reportedly inflated, which began draining many state’s budgets. ‘Improper payments have also grown, a result of ineligible patients state officials have balked at removing, data from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) showed,’ according to a Breitbart News article from February 2022.”

The Daily Caller: EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of hospitals have closed in states that expanded Medicaid, research shows

“The research from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) indicates that while Medicaid expansion was intended to solve hospitals’ finances and job shortage, its ‘empty promises’ have done the opposite, author Hayden Dublois wrote. Hospitals instead have had to shut their doors, lost thousands of jobs and racked up substantial losses, amounting to a loss of almost 5,400 beds.”

The Daily Caller: Crime has risen under the watch of Soros-backed prosecutors in six major cities

“Motor vehicle thefts, homicides or both have surged in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis and New York since liberal prosecutors were elected with the help of funding from Soros. Soros, who has used ‘shell organizations, affiliates, and pass-through committees’ like the Texas Justice and Public Safety PAC and Missouri Safety and Justice Committee to steer funds, spent at least $40 million in the last decade on prosecutors’ campaigns, sometimes representing 80 and 90% of their total funding, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) recently reported.”

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

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