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FGA’s Madeline Malisa on ROA: Good policy starts with good elections

Madeline Malisa, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), recently joined Restoration of America to discuss election integrity, including the need to reform how school board elections are run and the dangers George Soros-backed district attorneys pose to elections.

Below are some key quotes from the interview. To listen to it in its entirety, click here. And for more on FGA’s work on election integrity, click here

On confidence in elections

“We’re not re-litigating the past. What we’re here to do is protect the future. Because if Americans do not have confidence in the process of elections, they’re not going to have confidence in the outcome of elections. So, you have to have a good process, a process that is transparent, a process that is secure, a process that is accountable ultimately to the voters.”

“If people don’t think that their vote counts, if people think that their vote is going to be, you know, canceled out by a fraudulent vote, or they’re going to have an issue actually on Election Day like they did in Arizona, why show up? And that’s a really big problem. Because that’s the foundational bedrock of, of our democracy, the voting process. And quite frankly, is, as I remind people, if you want to have good policy in any other area, you’ve got to start first with good elections.”

On prosecuting election crimes

“There’s something that I’ve heard all over the country…from the Left. They say what ‘election crimes, what problems, what irregularities? It doesn’t happen here.’ Well, it might be true when nobody is investigating it and when nobody is prosecuting it. We have a huge void in this country when it comes to actually prosecuting election criminals.”

“People understand the problem with Soros backed DAs and public safety…Violent crime is up everywhere. And here’s the other side of the coin that I don’t think people understand. Those same DAs in 22 states have exclusive jurisdiction to prosecute, which means nobody else. So that means that if a Soros-backed DA decides to not prosecute [an election crime], it’s the end of the line. So, what that does is it effectively nullifies the laws that these states are passing.”

The rest of Madeline’s interview is available here.


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