Andrea Forrest Brock

Board of Directors

Andrea Forrest Brock was born in New York City and was an art major at Manhattan’s Hunter College. She holds a graduate certificate in art authentication from the University of Melbourne (Australia), one of the world’s leading institutions in that discipline.

Her research has included study into the provenance of looted Nazi art and research into using thermoluminesece in the dating of American artifacts. She developed a unique methodology for identifying counterfeit 17th, 18th and 19th century paintings produced by one of America’s most prolific art forgers. She is a long-time collector of early American furniture and artifacts and of Asian art.

She began her career as a licensed private investigator and polygraph examiner in New York City. She also served as director of corporate security for a national retail chain. Andrea is the holder of two United States patents and she has an additional patent pending.