About Us old

The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) was founded in 2011 and has experienced rapid growth, from $50,000 in seed funding in June 2011 to a team of 40 staff and more than 40 contractors with a budget of $12.5 million in 2021.

Our success is determined by the number of policy reforms enacted and lives impacted as a result of our work. Since 2015, FGA has achieved 283 state policy reforms in 40 states and 20 federal policy reforms impacting 868 state policies, ultimately meaning that millions of individuals will move from welfare to work. Millions more will have access to better jobs and bigger paychecks thanks to our efforts to remove government barriers to opportunity. And our focus on integrity in social programs and elections helps limit government power and keep it accountable to the people.

To achieve this success, we use a proven, three-pronged strategy:


FGA’s quality research and first-of-its-kind tracking studies quantify the real-world impact of our reforms. This research also informs which policy initiatives best move individuals from welfare to self-sufficiency, enabling our team to focus on the reforms that will maximize impact and effectively lift millions out of dependency.


FGA’s team is savvy. We get what’s happening on the ground and deploy broad outreach and education initiatives to inform and equip key stakeholders with the best messages and methods to achieve these reforms.


FGA successfully partners with state and federal policymakers, equipping them with ideas, research, and best practices to maximize the impact of these reforms.

FGA partners with principled leaders like Governor Kim Reynolds, Governor Dunleavy, Governor Noem and Secretary Ashcroft on issues like unemployment and election integrity.

We get the politics. We know the policy. We prepare you to win.