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In 1996 a bipartisan Congress worked together to pass landmark welfare reform legislation that instituted work requirements, created job training initiatives, and paved a way for millions of Americans to escape welfare’s endless cycle of poverty. Over time, government bureaucrats eroded these successes by waiving those work requirements, eliminating asset tests, and expanding eligibility. By 2015, nearly 46 million individuals...[ read more ]

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On May 24th, 2016, Tarren Bragdon, CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability testified before the House Ways and Means committee and shared the results of our research and the inspiring impact of work requirements in Kansas and Maine. This hearing on welfare reform was the first to be held in more than a decade.  The following video contains Tarren's opening...[ read more ]

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In 2013, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback restored federal work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents receiving food stamps, and in 2014, during a tough campaign for reelection, he highlighted the success of these reforms in this ad spot.  Just a year after the reforms were implemented, unemployment was down, and welfare enrollment was cut in half, but those are just...[ read more ]