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Not long after birth, a rare neurological condition forced Skylar Overman onto Arkansas' Medicaid waiting list. There, she would wait for care that she desperately needs for nearly 10 years. Her mother Lindsey Overman explains that Skylar suffered a stroke in utero, leaving her with permanent brain damage—a rare condition affecting only 1 in every 100,000 children. A prime patient...[ read more ]

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April O’Neill was an addict serving a 72-hour community service sentence for shoplifting when she first came to Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission in Joplin, MO. After spending more than a decade on government assistance, the Mission challenged her to give up her benefits and embark on a new path of self-reliance. Following a childhood mired in drug use and...[ read more ]

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Ricardo Medina began using drugs at the tender age of twelve. Through the years, he abused everything from marijuana to speed, heroin, and cocaine. At one point, he even started cooking meth. Ricardo was living under staircases and bridges, sleeping wherever he could, and waiting for the next opportunity to use drugs. Despite desperate circumstances, Ricardo didn’t want to change....[ read more ]