New Poll Confirms Michigan Voters Support Welfare Work Requirements



New Poll Confirms Michigan Voters Support Welfare Work Requirements
Nearly three-quarters of voters want work requirements implemented statewide

Lansing, MI – A new poll released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability confirms that Michigan voters support work requirements for welfare. The poll, which surveyed 579 likely voters, found that 70 percent of Michigan voters support implementing food stamp work requirements.

Voters said they were more likely to support this policy because work requirements increase the earnings of enrollees and their increased earnings more than offset lost welfare benefits. 73 percent of voters said they want the requirements enforced statewide, not just in some counties.

Currently, Michigan is one of only eight states in the nation not enforcing work requirements. But State Representative Tim Kelly is leading an effort to change that by today introducing a bill, HB 5953, that would mandate such a work requirement.

“The sole intent of our welfare programs should be to help people improve their lives. Work requirements are a proven way to do just that – help individuals increase their incomes and create better futures for themselves,” said Kelly. “I’m glad to see voters support implementing these reforms statewide and I’m committed to making sure we get this done for Michigan.”

FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon applauded Kelly’s efforts to help Michiganders get back to work:

“States that have implemented commonsense work requirements have seen enrollees go back to work in droves. As a result, their incomes have increased beyond their lost benefits, making them better off than they were before. Thanks to Rep. Kelly, Michigan is one step closer to bringing this same success story to their state.”

The poll can be viewed here.


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