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What happens when policies make it financially beneficial to be unproductive? A new study released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that unemployed Americans are more likely to watch television, go shopping, or play sports than spend time looking for work. The BLS data showed that the vast majority of unemployed Americans, 83.7 percent , watched TV or...[ read more ]

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If America's welfare system is meant to help people move away from needing it and out of poverty, it's failing. Washington DC and many governors are finally taking notice of the problems and costs and are beginning to embrace much needed reforms. U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, a longtime advocate of entitlement reform efforts in Washington, has set his sights on the...[ read more ]

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I'm sure you saw it. You couldn't have missed it. Gwyneth Paltrow's tweet about food stamps, and how difficult it is to live on them, whipped up an online frenzy: This is what $29 gets you at the grocery store—what families on SNAP (i.e. food stamps) have to live on for a week. — Gwyneth Paltrow (@GwynethPaltrow) April 9, 2015...[ read more ]


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In an effort to ensure state welfare funds are being utilized properly, the Kansas state legislature enacted a new law containing multiple reforms; including banning recipients from using their state welfare funds on cruise ships and other luxuries. The real question is why are welfare funds being used on cruise ships in the first place? (more…)