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Jacob Chalkey needs a life saving seizure medication to survive, but the cost of Medicaid fraud in Illinois led the state to cutting off payment for his medication. In just one year, audits that were authorized with bi-partisan approval found over 300,000 ineligible enrollees in their Medicaid system. In the second year, the audit removed another 400,000 ineligible enrollees. Among...[ read more ]

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Oftentimes the media focuses on much of the negativeĀ happenings in the world; but one community program is improving lives for children and families, and is getting some much deserved positive media attention. A recent story on The Blaze highlights the work Safe Families for Children is doing, and the efforts by FGA to expand the program and legislative protections to...[ read more ]

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Many of us turn to our family or church for support in times of crisis, but for some parents, a dependable safety net just isnā€™t there. Problems like addiction, domestic abuse, homelessness, illness, incarceration, and unemployment can hit anyone of us at any time. During crises' like this children are often at risk. If the situation is bad enough, many...[ read more ]