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Jacob Chalkey needs a life saving seizure medication to survive, but the cost of Medicaid fraud in Illinois led the state to cutting off payment for his medication. In just one year, audits that were authorized with bi-partisan approval found over 300,000 ineligible enrollees in their Medicaid system. In the second year, the audit removed another 400,000 ineligible enrollees. Among...[ read more ]

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Our goal here at the Foundation for Government Accountability is exactly what the name implies: to hold government accountable for its actions, its use of taxpayer dollars, and its effect on our lives. And perhaps there is no issue where it is more important to hold government accountable than when it comes to protecting children in crisis. When government-run foster...[ read more ]

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Oftentimes the media focuses on much of the negative happenings in the world; but one community program is improving lives for children and families, and is getting some much deserved positive media attention. A recent story on The Blaze highlights the work Safe Families for Children is doing, and the efforts by FGA to expand the program and legislative protections to...[ read more ]

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What happens when policies make it financially beneficial to be unproductive? A new study released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that unemployed Americans are more likely to watch television, go shopping, or play sports than spend time looking for work. The BLS data showed that the vast majority of unemployed Americans, 83.7 percent , watched TV or...[ read more ]

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Hundreds of thousands of families around the country currently sit on waiting lists for HUD housing, while some families earning as much as $497,000 a year remain in their HUD homes – subsidized by you the taxpayer. According to the audit, the cost of keeping these “over income” tenants on the HUD program will cost taxpayers as much as $104...[ read more ]

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We have done a series of welfare fraud pieces chronicling the many ways people abuse and scam the welfare system for their own gain. These scams often bilk taxpayers for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but this one we found in Grand Rapids, Michigan was one for the record books. Three brothers accused of defrauding federal welfare programs...[ read more ]

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Not only can EBT cards be used to purchase food, they can also be used to purchase illegal drugs in the alley behind the grocery store. To Maine: When state drug agents arrested Paul Robinson in January 2014 for selling crack cocaine from his Bartlett Street apartment, they seized guns, drugs and cash, a typical evidence haul for a suspected...[ read more ]

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There is a crisis in America – a crisis of dependency, and it’s growing. More than 48 million Americans were enrolled in the food stamp program in 2013, a record high. It is now one of the fastest-growing welfare entitlements in our federal budget, and one of the largest. A new report by FGA illustrates just how bad it has...[ read more ]

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There is a foster care crisis in the state of Mississippi and, last week, the state publicly admitted that they have failed to implement the requirements of a court order requiring reformations to the system. Grace Lopes, the independent federal court monitor appointed by the judge in the case, reported that Mississippi lacks the capacity to meet the requirements set...[ read more ]

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If America's welfare system is meant to help people move away from needing it and out of poverty, it's failing. Washington DC and many governors are finally taking notice of the problems and costs and are beginning to embrace much needed reforms. U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, a longtime advocate of entitlement reform efforts in Washington, has set his sights on the...[ read more ]