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ObamaCare continues to collapse under its own weight. Reports are flooding in from across the nation with stories of skyrocketing costs, canceled plans, and budget busting deficits. States are beginning to fully feel the burn of an unsustainable program. As the repeal and replace debate remains heated in D.C., it’s important that we remember why ObamaCare is terrible - so...[ read more ]

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The Foundation for Government Accountability released a video this week featuring State Representative Dale Kooyenga and his fight to secure occupational licensing reform in Wisconsin, making it possible for individuals across the spectrum to work and climb the economic ladder. Rep. Kooyenga explains that through deregulation on the licensing front, free-market principles are promoted and individual dignity is restored. He...[ read more ]

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FGA’s leadership in advancing intelligent solutions for health care, welfare, and licensing reform continued in April with success at the state and federal level. The federal debate on ObamaCare repeal has led to a conversation about the implementation of invisible risk-sharing programs. FGA took the lead, commissioning a study with the actuarial firm Milliman that received national attention and helped to spur...[ read more ]

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What is the Role? FGA works with state leaders across the nation to advance positive health care and welfare reforms, and to stop policies that grow the welfare state at the expense of families and taxpayers. In just the past two years, 25 states have implemented FGA model reforms that will result in 3.4 million people escaping the welfare trap...[ read more ]

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February has been a whirlwind of activity for our team at FGA! We began the month fresh out of Congressional testimony, exposing the devastating impact welfare fraud, waste, and abuse has on the truly needy. Our team spent countless hours meeting with key members of the new administration in D.C., educating them on the necessities of including our reforms in...[ read more ]

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FGA's latest report, ObamaCare Expansion Enrollment is Shattering Projections: Taxpayers and the Truly Needy Will Pay the Price, has received extensive national media coverage. Coverage includes: The Wall Street Journal - Medicaid Explodes - New enrollments vastly exceed estimates, and states are on the hook Hot Air - Obamacare Expansion Flood Threatens State Budgets Opportunity Lives - Report: Obamacare Thrusting Millions onto Medicaid The Federalist...[ read more ]

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Last week, Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost testified to the House Committee on Agriculture regarding a recent audit of the states' EBT card system. The audit concluded that there is likely millions of dollars of fraud occurring in the system on an annual basis. Key findings include: 36 deceased individuals received benefits for more than one year after their death 1,862 deceased...[ read more ]

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Low-income South Carolinians now have new options to get the care they need thanks to FGA’s Volunteer Care Program, which was signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley earlier this month. Originally known as the Immunity from Liability for Providing Free Health Care Services bill, sets up a program that would mirror Florida’s wildly successful Volunteer Health Services program. In...[ read more ]