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In a special session last week, at the behest of Governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas lawmakers passed a bill to renew ObamaCare expansion. The plan would keep the failed Private Option ObamaCare expansion but add some tweaks that will make the program even worse for taxpayers and the truly needy. One of the key provisions would give ObamaCare welfare to Arkansans...[ read more ]

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On Wednesday, April 20th, 2016, FGA will co-host an event with AEI focused on state level welfare reform for able-bodied adults receiving food assistance. Senior Fellow for FGA, Josh Archambault will join the panel of experts, including Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas, who will give the keynote address. RSVP here. Event information: Able-bodied adults, work, and food assistance: What are...[ read more ]

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In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed into law historic welfare reforms that required able-bodied adults without dependents to work a minimum of 20 hours per week in order to receive food stamps. But under the Obama administration, those work requirements were relaxed in nearly every state, and enrollees were allowed to remain on the program indefinitely, instead of being limited...[ read more ]

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Yesterday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed House Bill 1183 into law, providing much-needed relief to Indiana’s overburdened and overwhelmed child-protective service bureaucracy. This bill was inspired by the work of Safe Families for Children, a national private charity that is working wonders for struggling families and children in 27 different states and has been serving Indiana since 2008. Thanks to...[ read more ]

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Jacob Chalkey needs a life saving seizure medication to survive, but the cost of Medicaid fraud in Illinois led the state to cutting off payment for his medication. In just one year, audits that were authorized with bi-partisan approval found over 300,000 ineligible enrollees in their Medicaid system. In the second year, the audit removed another 400,000 ineligible enrollees. Among...[ read more ]

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Our goal here at the Foundation for Government Accountability is exactly what the name implies: to hold government accountable for its actions, its use of taxpayer dollars, and its effect on our lives. And perhaps there is no issue where it is more important to hold government accountable than when it comes to protecting children in crisis. When government-run foster...[ read more ]

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Oftentimes the media focuses on much of the negative happenings in the world; but one community program is improving lives for children and families, and is getting some much deserved positive media attention. A recent story on The Blaze highlights the work Safe Families for Children is doing, and the efforts by FGA to expand the program and legislative protections to...[ read more ]

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What happens when policies make it financially beneficial to be unproductive? A new study released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that unemployed Americans are more likely to watch television, go shopping, or play sports than spend time looking for work. The BLS data showed that the vast majority of unemployed Americans, 83.7 percent , watched TV or...[ read more ]

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Hundreds of thousands of families around the country currently sit on waiting lists for HUD housing, while some families earning as much as $497,000 a year remain in their HUD homes – subsidized by you the taxpayer. According to the audit, the cost of keeping these “over income” tenants on the HUD program will cost taxpayers as much as $104...[ read more ]

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We have done a series of welfare fraud pieces chronicling the many ways people abuse and scam the welfare system for their own gain. These scams often bilk taxpayers for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but this one we found in Grand Rapids, Michigan was one for the record books. Three brothers accused of defrauding federal welfare programs...[ read more ]