A Medicaid Cure: Florida’s Medicaid Reform Pilot

Transforming Medicaid empowers patients with control over their health future. When the patient is the priority, government and HMO bureaucrats are finally held accountable. Costs flatten and patient health and satisfaction improves.

Download the report: Florida’s Medicaid Reform Shows the Way to Improve Health, Increase Satisfaction, and Control Costs


  • Florida passed Medicaid Reform Pilot for 5 counties with bipartisan support in 2006
  • Shift heath care from the government-controlled status quo toward patient-centered care
  • Goals: greater choice, expanded services, improved access to specialists, higher health outcomes, ability to opt-out for private coverage, & increased patient satisfaction

Greater Choice and Control for Patients

  • Increase patient choice by expanding number and types of plans offered
  • Patients deserve the power to choose, and the ability to reward good plans
  • Reform Pilot patients can choose among 2 and 11 plans, depending on county
  • Ability to choose plan that best meets patients’ unique health needs

Lower Costs for Taxpayers

  • Per enrollee costs for Reform Pilot counties are flat over last five years
  • Reform Pilot has already saved Florida taxpayers $118 million annually
  • If implemented statewide, Reform would save Florida taxpayers up to $901 million annually
  • Reform Pilot achieves 16.8% savings per person for families and children, and 10.9% savings per person for elderly and disabled compared to estimated Florida averages

The Patient is the Priority

  • Reform Pilot plans feature 12 additional services (7 extra offered in one or more plans)
  • Access to and satisfaction with specialists for Reform Pilot enrollees at or above national averages for Medicaid and commercial plans
  • Reform Pilot patient health outcomes exceed national Medicaid average in 53% of target areas, and near national average in another 15%
  • Reform Pilot patients offered over $31 million in financial incentives for better health behavior
  • Premiums for Reform Pilot patients are stable and predictable
  • Reform Pilot patients report significantly higher rate of satisfaction than traditional Medicaid enrollees and commercial HMO enrollees


CLICK HERE to download the report.

During its five years of operations, Florida’s Medicaid Reform Pilot has been a decided success. It has improved the health of enrolled patients, achieved high patient satisfaction, and kept cost increases below average, saving Florida up to $118 million annually. Since then, Florida has passed its Statewide Reform, which promises to extend these benefits throughout the state, build on the lessons learned from the pilot program, and save up to $901 million annually. If Florida’s Medicaid Reform Pilot experience were replicated nationwide, Medicaid patient satisfaction would soar, health outcomes would improve, and Medicaid programs could save up to $28.6 billion annually.


Tarren BragdonA Medicaid Cure: Florida’s Medicaid Reform Pilot